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North Florida Lake Weir Polk Sebring

US 27 Length in state: 481 mi.
Termini: FL: State line near Darsey to Jct US 1 in Miami
US: (Mackinaw City, MI) Fort Wayne, IN to Miami
Years: 1934 / present
Route: US 27 enters the state north of Havana on four or more lanes, and passes through Tallahassee, turning south again at Capps, with a easterly jog at Perry, where the divided highway ends. From there, US 27 runs on two lanes to High Springs, then south to Ocala where it becomes a divided highway again. From there, US 27 is a multilane highway, and a favorite alternate truck route for I-75. US 27 passes southward through Lady Lake, Leesburg, Haines City, Lake Wales, around the western and southern shores of Lake Okeechobee, then through Hialeah. The last leg into Miami in a multilane undivided route parallel to the Airport Expressway, Toll FL 112. US 27 ends at a junction with US 1.
Counties: Gadsden, Leon, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Lafayette, Suwanee, Columbia, Alachua, Marion, Sumter, Lake, Polk, Highlands, Glades, Hendry, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade
"Hidden" state numbers: FL 63 State line to Tallahassee, FL 20 Tallahassee to High Springs, FL 45 High Springs to Williston, FL 500 Williston to Leesburg, FL 25 Leesburg to Hialeah, FL 948 Hialeah to Miami
Co-signed with: Was with US 90 from Havana to Tallahassee (then briefly Alt US 90 in 1950), Was with US 319 in Tallahassee, US 19 Capps to Perry, US 129 at Branford, US 41 High Springs to Williston, US 301 Ocala to Belleview, US 441 Ocala to Leesburg, US 98 Frostproof to De Soto City, FL 80 Whidden Corner to South Bay
Drive: US 27 from Ocala south is heavily used by truck traffic, as an alternate to Florida's Turnpike and Interstates and has been upgraded in the 1990's to a four lane divided highway as far south as Miramar, FL.
(7-5-99) The end of US 27 is marked with an END sign, and BGS's on US 1 point to US 27. After the first reassurance marker at the intersection of US 27 and US 1, there is one such marker at FL 9 and none at the intersection with US 441. The official state map shows this route as FL 948, but this marking is not present either.

In Perry

Alternate US 27 (North Florida) Length: 94 mi.
Perry to Williston Years: 1949 / present
Route: No major cites are on this route. It begins at a junction with US 19 / US 27 / US 98 in Perry. It passes thru the towns of Athena, Salem, Shamrock, Cross City, Eugene, Old Town, Chiefland, Bronson, to Williston, where it ends at a junction with US 27 / US 41. The multiplex with US19 / US 98 is multilane, and the rest of the route is two lanes.
Counties: Taylor, Dixie, Gilchrist, Levy
"Hidden" state numbers: FL 55 Perry to Chiefland, FL 500 Chiefland to Williston
Co-signed with: US 19 / US 98 Perry to Chiefland, US 41 in Williston
Drive: The section from Perry to Chiefland is a four lane highway, with reasonable medians and little cross traffic.

In Perry

Alternate US 27 (Lake Weir) Length: 17 mi.
Termini: Belleview to Lady Lake Years: @ 1962 / 1980
Route: Originally the route for US 27 / US 441 around the east side of Lake Weir. Passed though Oklawaha, Eastlake Weir, and Weirsdale. It began at the junction with US 27 / US 441 and US 301 and ended at a junction with US 27 / US 441. The entire route is a two lane road.
Counties: Marion, Lake
"Hidden" state number: FL 25
Co-signed with: Was with Alternate US 441
Drive: July 2001: You have to know what you are looking for, FL 25. After the FL 35 junction, this becomes CR 25 for the rest of the trip around the lake. Lake Weir is barely visible because of the size of the private property and the overgrowth on the lots. The speed limit is reduced in the small cities that dot the route. The was even a "Speed Zone Ahead" sign leading into Eastlake. The junction with US 27 / 441 is odd, you pass under the mainline on a right-of-way big enough for two more lane and a rail line and end up on the west side of the road.

Alternate US 27 (Polk) Length: 38 mi.
Termini: Haines City to Sunray Deli Estates Years: 1949 / 1998
Route: Was originally the Temporary Route for US 27 during construction of the new route, and signed as Alt by 1960. Haines City, Dundee, Lake Wales, Babson Park, Frostproof. Replaced by US 17 / US 92 / TO FL 17 in Haines City, and FL 17 for the remainder of its former route. Began at the junction of US 17 / US 92 and US 27, and ended at a junction with US 27 / US 98. The entire route is a two lane road, very twisty and turny and hilly.
County: Polk
"Hidden" state number: FL 17
Co-signed with: Was US 17 / 92 in Haines City
Drive: This is the old Temp US 27 alignment is also locally known as "Scenic Highway". SR 17 passes over some of the hilliest country you will find in peninsular Florida. (1/99)

Now Alt US 27 is gone, US 17-92 are B&W

Alternate US 27 (Sebring) Length: 12 mi.
Termini: Avon Park to Sebring Southgate Years: 1949 / 1979
Route: Was originally a Temporary Route during US 27 initial construction, which was completed @1953. From Avon Park at a junction with US 27 / US 98, to Lakemont, Sebring, and ending in Sebring Southgate, back at US 27 / US 98. The entire road is two lanes wide.
County: Highlands
"Hidden" state number: FL 17
Co-signed with: None
Drive: This route passed thru downtown Sebring, I have seen the characteristic green and white shields on a TV show about older Sebring races.

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